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Competitions Product Line

Role: Lead Product Designer
Platform: Web | Mobile | Desktop
Expertise: UI | UX | Animation
Client: Triple Star Media
Time: 2020-2021

The Intro

Triple Star Media contracted me to create a greenfield internet raffle product line. The entire project from start to finish took about 5 months. The team was 100% online, spread from the Philippines, Australia, Poland and The UK.

My responsibilities were: Design systems, brand mascot design and animation, Investor decks, CRM guidelines, UX and UI design, market research, logo and brand IDs, and marketing guidelines.

I’ve created three brands. Prize Jar, Prize Monkey, and Prize Stars. The first two are very similar, but you can learn more about The Prize Jar here:

all brands

Three brands one desing system

The Intro

I started with research, and I found many similar products on the market. The team pointed out some key features they wanted to implement: Referral programme | Bonus Points | Mobile First | Newsletter subscription | Payments (Card, PayPal, SMS, Pay By Mobile, Apple Pay) | Pass-less mobile-only based registration. Cookie and mobile SIM-card-based user identification.

I sketched user flows for "Onboarding / KYC" and "Registration and purchase journey" to visualize which parts I needed to cover first. Then, I shared flows with a team via Miro. After a few iterations, we’ve moved to Figma.


1. This is a product for the general population with an average IQ of 90-100, appealing to both genders but because the mascot will be a bit more feminine. That was our goal, as we did have data to work with.
2. The product must be easy to digest and similar to online retailers like (Amazon, Asda, Argos etc. )
3. Must be similar to existing products like ITV Win, Raffolux, Omaze etc… (It was a product team requirement)
4. Visual language must be simple. No mixed signals or hidden messages. Simple in this case means function and usability over visuals.

The design

I developed a low-fidelity prototype and shared it with the team. After a few rounds of back-and-forth, I moved to Figma.

This time I decided to create an extensive design documentation. It proved to be very effective, more than investing additional hours with developers on explaining components to them.

Rather than producing a separate document, I integrated guidelines seamlessly into the main template, ensuring continuity within our system rather than introducing a new standalone document.

I developed a simple-clickable prototype and communicated the importance of saving the link for collaborative work. Ensuring alignment among team members was a priority for project efficiency.

Visual direction

The logo

I’ve created eight versions of the logo. The main thing was to keep the logo readable, as the only place where it will be available is on the nav bar (about 50px height).
We did limited focus groups and we’ve found that the simplest logo was a winner and red was the colour of choice. We also tested colour and Red was a clear winner.

The Bear

 I created this character to support the brand. My main goal was to use it as “an emotional device” to signal important events like “waiting”, “win”, “surprise” and others.

To support user engagement and attention during the loading time or to point a user in the right direction, I animated some parts of the interface

monkey loading
Thumbs Up-Wink-2-20percent
placeholder image

User is waiting for KYC verification

placeholder image

Payment confirmed thumbs-up!

The outcome

It was a great project to work on. We've achieved a lot in a short period. It was fantastic to work with a senior and experienced team. 

The outcome

It was a great project to work on. We've achieved a lot in a short period. It was fantastic to work with a senior and experienced team. 

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